Skeleton Crew (1987 - 1993, redux 2008 - current)
John Brocato (guitar/vox). Tim Christopher (drums). Craig Smith (bass/vox).

A power trio from Starkville, Mississippi, Skeleton Crew played extensively throughout the Southeastern US during the late 1980s + early 90s before moving to Los Angeles in 1992. Just before the move to LA, the band changed names, becoming Torture Orchid.

Developing a large following across the South, the band was immensely divisive with crowds, garnering either high accolades or utter disdain. Part of the sound of the band was its diversity, careening from thoughtful alternative rock to aggressive speedmetal/hardcore punk to acoustic balladry, due in large part to the eclectic + masterful songwriting of guitarist John Brocato.

In Los Angeles, the band was met with critical acclaim and some record label interest, but disbanded in '93 due to internal conflict before progressing any further. In 2008, the boys got back together + are now a reactivated rock unit!

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